Threshing Scene Look Familiar?

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We found this photo of a threshing scene in our parents’ house after they died. There was no indication on the original photo of where the picture was taken or who took it. Dad’s maternal grandfather, W.R. Hickman, moved to Oklahoma either when it was opened for settlement or shortly after. He had a 160-acre farm near Langston, Okla., in Logan County, one of three counties opened in the land run of April 23, 1889.

I was told he had a steamer and threshing machine. The man standing under the pulley with the woman holding an umbrella looks similar to how he might have looked at that time. The earliest photo I have of him was taken in about 1920. If this photo is of his machine, it was probably taken at the end of the 19th century. If anyone has the same photo, I would like to have information about that.

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