Letters: Threshing Way Out West

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The Harvest Prince, manufactured by Matteson & Williamson Mfg. Co., Stockton, Calif.
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The Idaho, manufactured by Idaho National Harvester Co., Moscow, Idaho.
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The Idaho National thresher.

I’ve enclosed images of the Idaho harvester dated 1910. The oval photo shows six horses. Two of them were quite bashful and can barely be seen in the photo. The old envelope’s postal cancellation is 1882 and it has a two-cent postage stamp. It shows an image of The Harvest Prince, built by Matteson & Williamson Mfg. Co., Stockton, Calif. Here in the Midwest, farmers were just starting to use twine-tie binders in 1882. Both of these machines were ground-driven. You can see the large bull wheel and the chain drive.

Paul Christoffersen, Underwood, Iowa

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