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Reader Contribution by Leslie Mcmanus
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When you look at a company as immensely multifaceted as International Harvester, it would be easy to be overwhelmed. From Cyrus McCormick’s reaper to tractors, engines, trucks of all types, freezers, implements, twine, motor homes, snow blowers, milking machines and construction equipment, International holds a proud history among American industries.

Farm Collector celebrates that legacy in a new special edition, “IHC Heritage: The Best of International Harvester.” Available now, this special edition is a fabulous compendium of all things International, ranging from tractors and gas engines to implements and equipment to collectible memorabilia.

In 100 beautifully designed pages packed with photos and reproductions of archival images, you’ll find highlights of International Harvester’s history: the 1908 Type A, Moguls and Titans, Cub Cadets and TracTracTors, even a reproduction of the IH HT-340 concept tractor. You’ll dig deep into history, revisiting McCormick’s reaper, the rise of the Fast-Hitch and the glory days of International trucks. Take a breath and keep turning pages: Check out unbelievable museums, toy collections, hay tools and memorabilia.

Best of all, the tale is told by folks you know. Our regular monthly columnist Sam Moore and long-time contributor Bill Vossler join Oscar “Hank” Will III in recounting the rich history of a uniquely American enterprise. Drawn from the Farm Collector archives, articles in this special edition have been updated and refreshed, making them fine partners for newly commissioned pieces.

Whether you go way back with International Harvester or you’re simply a fan of all antique farm equipment, you’ll enjoy this special edition. Look for “IHC Heritage” on selected newsstands, or visit our online shopping page for order information. Loaded with articles and information you won’t find any place else, it’s packed with lasting value — and that’s a deal even Scotchman Cyrus McCormick would have approved of! FC

P.S. Don’t forget: The deadline for the annual Farm Collector Show Photo issue is coming up fast on Nov. 2, 2012: Send your favorite photos from Show Season 2012 today!

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