Ford Moto Co. and the Land of Getwuntoo

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Even in the earliest years of marketing, promotional writers well understood the value of building a loyal customer base at a young age. “The Land of Getwuntoo,” published in 1923 by Ford Motor Co. of Canada Ltd., was an unabashed effort to lure children into the Ford fold.

In this beautifully illustrated, full color 20-page booklet, children found a sweet and simple rhyme extolling the virtues of Ford vehicles. They were gently cajoled to jump on the bandwagon. “This is the land of GETWUNTOO, where all your wishes will come true!”

Bobby Jones, the young hero of the dream-like tale, was a pushover:

“Watching the Ford cars running past, while shades of evening gathered fast, said Bobby, “Some day it MUST come true: When I’m a man, I’ll GETWUNTOO.”

Thanks to Farm Collector reader Karl G. Fretz, Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada, who provided these materials. “For more than 50 years I have had in my possession this Ford of Canada promotional material that targeted the younger kids of the day,” he writes. “In correspondence with the Model T Ford club of America a few years ago, they said they had never seen a copy of the piece and called it a ‘rare find.'” FC

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