Ferguson Implements: Creating an Entire Package

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The inside of a Ferguson price list, showing a small selection of the implements available, including weeders, manure spreaders, cultivators and more.
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An original price list for the range of tractors and implements sold by Ferguson Co.

The son of a farmer, Henry George “Harry” Ferguson was born in Growell, Ireland, in 1884. Ferguson was an inventor and engineer noted not only for his role in the development of the modern tractor and the Ferguson Hydraulic System, but also for the fact that he was the first Irishman to build and fly in his own airplane. He also developed the first four-wheel drive Formula One racing car, the Ferguson P99.

Ferguson’s genius was not only the Ferguson System and the mass production of simple, reliable and affordable tractors, but also the fact that Ferguson Co. offered a vast range of implements and accessories for these tractors. Ferguson showed his marketing talents by creating an entire package for his customers. It’s difficult to say with accuracy how many different Ferguson implements were made. Some Ferguson-branded implements were built by Ferguson Co., and some were sourced from other manufacturers and badged as Ferguson.

On top of that, other companies made and marketed their own implements to fit Ferguson tractors, some of which, but not all, were made and marketed with Ferguson’s approval. In that respect the history of Ferguson implements is far more complex than the tractor production. For the collector of Ferguson equipment there is no shortage of scope, and a lot of fun can be had collecting and using these wonderfully simple and hugely successful items. FC

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