Letters: Repainted Horse-Drawn Cultivator

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The unpainted horse-drawn cultivator as it appeared in the antique shop.
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The repainted horse-drawn cultivator.

I found this horse-drawn cultivator at an antique shop. It was very rusty and had no handles. The single trees and one spring also were missing. I couldn’t find any paint on it, even after I took off the seat and the hubcaps.

Luckily, in the July 2002 issue of Farm Collector, I saw a picture of an old cultivator just like this one. Now I know I have a Roderick Lean Leverless Cultivator. From that article I learned its true colors before the company’s merger, so I painted it.

I’ve forwarded pictures of it before it was painted and another as it is today. I am hoping someone might know more about it, including where I could find a replacement for the missing spring.

Jack Hees
Eldon, MO

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