Remembering a Tractor-Mounted Reaper

Reader Contribution by Keith Sommerfeld
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I am enclosing a photo I was reminded of while reading the September 2015 issue of Farm Collector, where in Sam Moore’s column I saw photo 4 on page 11. My father bought this reaper from an elderly man some years ago. It had been settled in about a foot of sand and was rusted fast. He put the main drive gear in a tank of water to help loosen it. Then he took it to a blacksmith and they heated it. They’d almost given up when it came loose. This picture was taken at the Early Settlers parade in La Junta, Colorado, in the 1980s. The Gibson tractor is still in the family. The reaper was given to a museum in La Junta. My father passed away at age 91 in 1991.

I enjoy Farm Collector very much.

Keith Sommerfeld, Orrville, Ohio

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