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MaxTorque™ diesel is solution for rising fuel costs, improving sustainability

MOUNDRIDGE, Kan. –  As mowing season arrives, fuel prices continue to set record highs every week. With the fuel averages approaching $4.00 per gallon, landscape contractors and grounds managers need a solution to reduce fuel expenses and operating costs.

According to Ray Garvey, marketing coordinator at Grasshopper, clean diesel is the right choice for professionals looking to reduce costs, increase revenues and minimize environmental impacts.

“Clean diesel is the practical ‘alternative,’ but fuel alone won’t help the bottom line,” he says. “Design is critical. A low-emission, expertly engineered MaxTorque diesel engine and exclusive Grasshopper design harnesses the power of diesel efficiently, creating a clean, quiet, powerful mower.”

MaxTorque clean diesel mowers satisfy a fundamental necessity of all landscape professionals: minimizing costs while improving sustainability.

With engine ratings up to 30 hp, MaxTorque diesel mowers are Tier 4i-compliant, B5-ready and save up to 900 or more gallons of fuel over 1,000 hours of use compared to gasoline or liquefied propane (LP) mowers. Fuel savings can be as much as $6,000 per mower over three years of ownership. In fact, one fleet owner running three MaxTorque models saved $7,000 in fuel costs in one year alone.

Not only does diesel provide twice the fuel economy of gasoline and LP, diesel contains 12 percent more power than gasoline and 50 percent more power than LP. As a result of better fuel economy and fewer stops to refuel, MaxTorque diesel mowers can complete jobs up to 50 percent more efficiently, adding up to 260 billable hours in the mowing season.

The superior fuel efficiency also reduces emissions of greenhouse gases – including nitrous oxides and hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide – according to test data from the California Air Resources Board, the nation’s strictest state-certification organization.   

Additional benefits of MaxTorque clean diesel that contribute to sustainability include a range of year-round implements, which enables the mowers to replace expensive single-purpose equipment, further reducing fuel costs and emissions, and longer engine life expectancy, which reduces the need to purchase new equipment over time, reducing demand for raw materials and strain on the environment.

Grasshopper is committed to helping landscaping professionals make informed decisions about sustainability. Learn about MaxTorque diesel at, follow @GrasshopperMowr on Twitter or find Grasshopper on Facebook at

About GrasshopperThe Grasshopper Company is a privately held corporation dedicated solely to the design and production of commercial and large-acreage mowing and grounds maintenance equipment. Grasshopper introduced the first commercially viable zero-turn radius mower in 1969 and is the originator of the dual, swing-out control lever concept. Other industry firsts include the first diesel-powered zero-turn radius mower in 1983 and the first electric-actuated fold-up mower deck in 2004. Based in Moundridge, Kan., the company distributes its products worldwide and is committed to lean and clean manufacturing practices reducing impact to the environment. For more information, visit

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