Mystery Solved! June 2013 Mystery Tool Answers

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June 2013 Mystery Tool A

Bolt cutter. See patent 207,252. Photo submitted by Harold Jahle, Baldwin, Kan.

June 2013 Mystery Tool B

One of a set of four shoes for horses when working on soft ground such as a bog or marsh. See patent 875,257. Photo submitted by Al Fulgenti, Kinde, Mich.

June 2013 Mystery Tool C

Louden Co. singletree used on a horse that was lifting hay into a barn. See patent 547,272. Photo submitted by Rod Johnson, Kremlin, Mont.

June 2013 Mystery Tool D

Unnidentified. Possibly the clean out for the bottom of the air pipe on a coal forge. Photo submitted by Stan Koehn, Wichita, Kan.

June 2013 Mystery Tool E

Dehorner for cattle, designed to remove the embryo of partially developed horns in young calves. See patent 802,733 for a similar piece. Photo submitted by Jay Gillett, Red Cloud, Neb.

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