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Leslie McManus.Leslie McManus.

In 1929, Oliver Chilled Plow Co. merged with Nichols & Shepard Co., Hart-Parr Tractor Works and American Seeding Machine Co. to form the Oliver Farm Equipment Co. That merger resulted in the introduction of the new Oliver Hart-Parr tractor in 1930, but phase-out of the Hart-Parr name began later that year. In 1944, Oliver purchased Cletrac, originally founded in 1917 by Rollin White of the White Co. White purchased Oliver in 1960 – in the process reacquiring Cletrac – which then moved to the former Hart-Parr works in Charles City, Iowa.

If you were able to follow all that, then this should be a snap: Your new Farm Collector editor is your old Farm Collector editor: only the decals have changed. I was the editor when Farm Collector was launched in August 1998, but you knew me then as Leslie McDaniel. When our parent company, Ogden Publications, launched John Deere TRADITION in May 2001, I turned my focus to that magazine, while remaining at the helm of Farm Collector. About a year ago, I left Ogden, remarried and moved out of state. In a happy turn of events, I find myself back where I started, professionally speaking, but as Leslie McManus.

I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted with you all and seeing what new treasures you’ve discovered. Sheds that were already packed full are no doubt now bursting at the seams. Chances are, you’re busier than ever, riding herd over a growing collection and dropping in at more and more shows.

Here’s some insider information designed to free up your schedule: If you’re in need of books on your collectibles, or you need a subscription to Farm Collector, Gas Engine Magazine or Steam Traction, save time by ordering directly from You’ll appreciate the convenience of placing orders with your credit card, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing our site is fully secure. While you’re there, check out the online classified ads and the Farm Collector Show Directory link.

I think you’ll find the website a great way to stay on top of a busy hobby. And if the computer’s just not your thing, give us a call: We always enjoy hearing from old friends!

Leslie McManus, Editor

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