Farm Collector Cover Subjects Relish 15 Minutes of Fame

Reader Contribution by Charles Wise
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Last fall, I submitted a couple of photographs for your annual reader submission contest. One was chosen for the cover of the February 2018 issue. The two men in my photograph, George Eddy and Jon Dorman, have had a lot of fun with their picture being on the cover of Farm Collector, and their newfound “fame” has created a running joke among their friends and fellow collectors.

Along those lines, on July 4 the two staged an “autograph signing” of their magazine cover at the same show where I took the cover photograph. I took a picture of their autograph booth, which could be accompanied by the following caption:

With crickets chirping in the background at the annual 4th of July celebration at Exline, Iowa, George Eddy and Jon Dorman patiently wait for the throngs of fans clamoring for their autographs after appearing on the cover of the February 2018 issue of Farm Collector magazine. After about 15 minutes, it became apparent that everyone forgot to bring their copy of the magazine to be autographed (myself included), so George and Jon quietly went back to tending their engine displays. Just before taking this photograph, George’s brother Jamie commented, “See what you’ve started?” As the one who took the original photograph that ended up on the cover of Farm Collector, I do feel some responsibility for boosting their egos, only to watch them deflate after the unsuccessful autograph signing.

Charles Wise, Sedalia, Missouri

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