Mail Call Day Brightener

A package arrives in the mail displaying several old, unique, and different stamps to brighten our day.

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by Farm Collector Staff

From the editor: This was, hands down, the most fun thing to arrive in the editor’s mailbox in the last month – maybe even the last year! Stamps on this package went as far back as the 1930s (the 3-cent stamp was in use from 1932 to 1958). Three-centers shown here featured women’s suffrage champion Susan B. Anthony, Columbia University, the Defense Fund, industrialist and philanthropist Andrew W. Mellon, the International Red Cross, the mothers of America, the U.S. Naval Academy, Abraham Lincoln, the National Recovery Administration, the state of Hawaii and the 150th anniversary of the Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts.

Tennessee statesman Cordell Hull and Charles Evan Hughes, 11th chief justice of the Supreme Court, made it onto 4-cent stamps shown here. Other stamps on this package featured athletes, pets, holidays, the American bicentennial, the Peace Corps and Voice of America, the country of Albania and a half-century of independence in Finland.

With a decent internet connection, this is the kind of rabbit hole I can spend HOURS in. Philately is a fascinating category. Does anyone collect stamps anymore?

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