Unique Oliver 70 Row Crop Restoration Salutes Veterans

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I grew up on a farm in Iowa. My father always farmed with Olivers. We had an Oliver 70 Row Crop like this one when I was growing up and starting to help with field chores.

My dad, Oscar, was a WW II veteran. He started farming the family land as soon as he came home from the war. I wanted to honor my dad’s service and the service of all those who fought for our country. So, voilà! The idea of a patriotic Oliver 70 Row Crop popped into my mind. Luckily, this tractor was sitting alongside the road, for sale, on the route I took to work every day. I bought it with the intention of turning the Oliver green into the red, white and blue, and boy, oh boy, did I ever take a lot of ribbing about it. The seller – the president of our local steam engine club – was not too happy about this idea, but quickly changed his mind when he saw the finished product.

I completely restored this tractor (every nut and bolt) and painted it the red and blue. The detail work (stars and stripes) was done by Getz Automotive in Hampshire, Illinois, and they did the tractor proud!

For the unveiling at our local steam and tractor show in August 2015, our whole family was present for the parade on the first day. They made quite a showing in their “Honor Our Veterans” T-shirts in the bleachers.

Rod Miller, 128 Schmidt Dr.,
Hampshire, IL 60140; (847) 778-8805

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