Remembering the Talents of a Gifted Writer

Read these readers’ letters on the loss of Farm Collector writer Anthony Lovelace.

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Image courtesy of Anthony Lovelace

I was so sorry to hear that we lost Anthony Lovelace. Friendly and an awesome writer, we will sure miss him!  I looked forward to each of his articles which were always well written and very interesting and always good photos, too. He was right up there with Sam Moore! What a sad day.

Derek Moody, Clinton, Utah

Missing View from the Back Roads

Hello from Missouri farm country: I am sure I speak for all your readers. We will miss Anthony Lovelace, his stories and memories of the past. Like Anthony, I was most curious about the postcard in his final article (Farm Collector, “View from the Back Roads,” April 2021) showing the Stainton Drug Store in Prescott, Arkansas, with the number “5337” on it. I contacted Judy Drake, director of the Nevada Co. Depot and Museum, which is located on West First St. South in Prescott. She responded the following day with an email. She said that the number was placed on the prints done for the postcard by the company that did the work. This distinguished one print from another and made it easy to reference: matter resolved.

Farm Collector is a great publication and deeply appreciated by old timers like myself.

 Joel Monteith, Preston, Missouri

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