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Ever Seen a Tractor Like This One?

Is there an official name for this tractor? I was told when I bought it that two brothers, possibly from Indiana, went broke farming and then decided to build tractors. Supposedly they made 11 of these, using all Ford Model T parts. They retrofitted the front axle and the foot pedals were ...

14-disc harrow

Preserving an IH 14-Disc Harrow

I recently helped clean up some property and found this old International Harvester 14-disc harrow at the edge of the woods. The owners told me I could have it. When I got it home, I made some repairs. It has the original discs and from what I can tell, it’s a 9B or 10A. International built ...

corn crib

Ever Seen a Corn Crib Like This?

This corn crib measures 8 feet wide by 36 feet long with a screened “V” bottom. It is about 15 to 20 feet tall and is located in southwest Iowa. It appears to have been produced by Cowin & Co., Minneapolis, but I’ve not seen anything like it anywhere. Does anyone know anything about ...


Any Idea When This Was Built?

Anyone know when this was built? It’s on my farm from many generations ago. The blade measures 83-5/8 inches (approximately 7 feet); wheel diameter, 33-3/4 inches; frame length, 138 inches (about 11-1/2 feet); frame width, 34-1/4 inches. The front plate reads Sawyer Massey Co. Ltd. ...

wagon ratchet unloader

How About a Wagon Ratchet Unloader?

I am looking for information on an old wagon ratchet unloader. Back in the 1960s, my dad had one that we used to unload wagons when filling silos or picking corn. It connected to, and rotated, a shaft on the back of the wagon that in turn wound cables that were connected to the false front of ...


Looking for Help in Dating Fence

I have a small corral on the water’s edge that I believe was possibly used by fur traders on the Red River ox cart trail that runs through my property in Pillager, Minnesota. The wire is grown into a large oak and it is twisted with a straight twisted rod inserted vertically with an open hook ...


Remembering Dad’s Tutelage in Raising “Cash Crops”

This photo is not so old (it’s dated 1972), but it brings back some dusty old times for us, my brother and me. Our dad got us involved in farming while we were young, in Perryville, Missouri. In examining the photos, we determined we were either combining soybeans or foxtail. On second ...


Remembering the Talents of a Gifted Writer

I was so sorry to hear that we lost Anthony Lovelace. Friendly and an awesome writer, we will sure miss him!  I looked forward to each of his articles which were always well written and very interesting and always good photos, too. He was right up there with Sam Moore! What a sad ...

old photograph

Memories of Sawmills

As I read the January 2021 issue of Farm Collector, Anthony Lovelace’s column (“View from the Back Roads”) brings back memories. The car with a rear-wheel jacked up and belted up to a pump jack reminds me of my uncle John sawing up slabs to burn in the wood furnace in their ...

corn cutter

Hand-me-down is a family treasure

Photo by Sam Parker I really do enjoy your magazine and especially your articles about old pieces of equipment and tools. In the January 2021 issue, you had a picture of a corn cutter which reminded me that I probably had access to one too. It was a hand-me-down from family members. It has a ...

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