Restoring a 1948 Ford Tractor

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I bought this tractor in October 2015. The engine was locked up, the tires were flat and it was real rusty. This tractor was bought new in 1948 by a farmer on a small farm. When he died, it was given to his son, who stored it in a barn for 20 years. He gave it to his son-in-law, who parked it outside for five years until I bought it. In April 2016, I paraded it for the first time. I have taken it to two other parades and a show at the Illinois State Fair since then. We did not have to rebuild the engine. It runs very good. I am part-owner of Heubner Tires, Inc., with my son and grandson, so I knew where to buy tires.

Jim Heubner, Petersburg, Illinois

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