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Reader Contribution by Bill Kolm
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I am a relatively new subscriber to your great magazine, so after reading the September 2018 issue I felt I had to write in to give the authors, staff and editors some deserved kudos.

It all started with the front cover photo and title “One of a Kind” Minneapolis-Moline UDLX Comfortractor article. I grew up on a farm in Nebraska in the 1950s and was quite familiar with, and enjoyed driving, our 1948 IH Model H tractor at only 9 years of age (don’t worry, Mom didn’t know I was driving the tractor) but when I saw the Comfortractor photo, I knew Dad missed out on this one. By the way, great article, Robert N. Pripps.

Then I was fascinated with Sam Moore’s column on the Snow Cruiser built for Byrd’s third Antarctic expedition. Another well-written and well-researched article that was both educational and interesting. Thanks, Sam Moore.

Bill Vossler wrote about a tremendous trio of Ford Industrial tractors that I had no clue existed: Nice job, Bill. And now we know where the idea of the combine came from, after reading the “Stubborn Genius” article by Leslie C. McManus, lots of investigative work went into that informative article. Thanks for the hard work, Leslie. And to top if off, what can you say about the beautiful Welsh horses! Wow.

I look forward to the next issue and the opportunity to keep learning about things from the past.
— Bill Kolm, editor, The Gristmill, a publication of Mid-West Tool Collectors Assn.

Editor’s note: Thanks for your kind words, Bill. Farm Collector is fortunate to have a great team of writers — and readers. I would be remiss not to acknowledge, again, the contributions of longtime subscriber Richard Stout and his granddaughter, Ashley, who did the heavy lifting in researching the inventions of George W. White, the “stubborn genius” at the heart of an article in the September issue.

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