Eyewitness to Snow Cruiser’s Cross-Country Trek

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I really enjoyed Sam Moore’s column on the Snow Cruiser. With the route mentioned in the column, I knew immediately that it had passed through my hometown of Alexander, New York.

My mother, Stella Peck, grew up in Alexander, where she still lives. She is 91. I sent the article to my brother, who lives near Alexander, and asked him to show Mom. She had indeed seen this machine.

In 1939, she was in seventh or eighth grade. She attended school in Alexander’s Cobblestone School (today that building is on the National Register of Historic Places). She said the whole class walked out to the highway, about one-half mile, and were able to look at the machine. Apparently the cruiser stopped in small towns to show off the wonder. Mom said Route 20 was a new highway back then and the machine did pretty much fill the road.

— Dave Peck via email

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