Seeing the Snow Cruiser in Person

Reader Contribution by Robert Riegle
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Photo courtesy of Farm Collector archives

My son in Missouri saw Sam Moore’s column about the fateful episode of the Snow Cruiser in 1939 (Farm Collector, September 2018). As a boy, I saw the Snow Cruiser in the ditch along Route 30. It was between Gomer and Cairo, Ohio. We had waited along Route 30 for it to pass. When we heard it was in the ditch, we went to see it. It did not get on its way again until the next morning. It was travelling about 15 mph along Route 30. What a hunk of iron. It took all summer to drive it across the country. What a waste of money. I was 9 years old at the time.

Robert Riegle, Greenbrier, Arkansas

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