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A glimpse or the crowd attending the Rynda Reunion, Montgomery, Minn., 1952
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Mr. Clifford Varverka and his Reevesengine Sept. 1951. How about a toot on those whistles.

16:10′ finished threshing the two stacks of grain and lunch
and pony beer was again tapped and Kolacky ate by the threshing
crew in the same way as used to be done in this community in the
years around 1890.

Threshed 1211/2 bushels of succotash as
indicated by Smith Talley Box.

Hitched up to the agitator and pulled same to the shed for the

Mr. F. J. Wood had put in the first bundle and his daughter
Helen cut the first bundle for him.

Feeders from 10 states took part in feeding the separator at 3
minute intervals.

Crews: Band cutters: Mrs. Joe Ferlik of New Prague, Mrs. Robert
Kubes, of New Prague; stack pitcher Anchor Nelson Lt. Governor of
Minnesota, of Hutchinson, John Jasan, of New Prague; straw pile:
Orvalle Freeman, candidate for Governor, of Minneapolis, Mrs.
Selestine Rukovama of New Prague, Mrs. John Jasan of New Prague;
Dan Zehr of Pontiac, III., director of feeding con. test; Thomas
Moravec, machine foreman; Herman Birnstiel and Frank Turew, grain
stackers; grain haulers Emil and Calvin Dolejs; Theodore Rynda and
his sons and John Weiers with his team of horses on the lumber

Water boy John Weierrs and his team of horses. Very gentle

Engine fireman Stanley Sheprt burning wood fuel: furnished by
John Rutland.

Engineer, Steam Engine Joe. (or Joseph T. Rynda, Jr.,) owner of

About 6,000 people were present from the following states: Iowa,
N. Dakota, Michigan, Montana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Wisconsin,
also Canada, England and Arabia.

Mr. Lauren J. Badger of Gen. Del., Council Bluffs, Iowa, writes
us that his father, Mr. William A. Badger of Win burn, Iowa, passed
away October 15th, 1952. Mr. Badger was a subscriber to the ALBUM
for many years. He had used horse power, hand feed and drag stacker
up to the latest machinery. He was a repairman and a great lover of
the steam engine.

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