1870 AGRICULTURIST Full of Nostalgia

| September/October 1983

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  • # Picture 01

A modern reprint of the 1870 Agriculturist, a New York publication which was devoted to farm, garden and household, will make interesting reading for people who enjoy old times and antiques.

The 124-page book is printed with sepia ink on very good glossy paper, and is full of engravings and articles from the 1870 issues of the magazine.

Articles are many and varied-plans for a three-story barn, hints on cooking (many recipes), which flowers will grow in the shade, a swivel clevis for whiffletrees, and use of dog and sheep power for churning-to name just a few. There are many old time ads as well, for clothes wringers, metallic bird houses, cultivators, hay scales and feed cutters and on and on.

The book was edited by Steven J. Rakeman and Donald Berg. It makes a handsome gift.