26TH ANNUAL Antique Power Exhibition in Century Village

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Jim Weikart's Port Huron 19-65.
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Steam row, 1997.
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Chester Scheffel's Frick scale.
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John Chamberlain's Frick 16 HP.
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Another view of steam row at Century Village.

34540 Sherwood Drive Solon, Ohio 44139

Over the last weekend of July 1996, the Historical Engine
Society celebrated our 26th annual Antique Power Exhibition in
Century Village of the Geauga County Historical Society of Burton,
Ohio. The weather was rather good with three days of sun,
seventies, and low humidity.

The only problem we had was with the stationary boiler and a
leaking hand hole gasket, but that was quickly repositioned and we
went back to sawing with steam. The steam powered sawmill is
operated by the steam people of the Engine Society for the engine
show and four other ‘special event weekends’ from May
through October. The sawmill itself is a lefty from the Enterprise
Manufacturing Company of Columbiana, Ohio. We also have a steam
whistle manifold, which is open to all when the sawmill is

We had eight full-size steamers and one scale Frick for 1996:
one 18 HP Aultman-Taylor traction, one 110 HP Farquhar portable,
two 16 HP Frick traction, one 25 HP Huber traction, one 16 HP
Peerless traction, one 19 HP Port Huron, and a 14 HP Russell
traction engine. We draw straws when it comes time to thresh, to
see who will get the honor. Jim Weikart of Leetonia, Ohio, who owns
the Port Huron, has been nice enough to lend us his Baker fan for
the last couple of years, which makes a nice addition to the

On the internal combustion side, we host over 100 tractors, with
the Deeres and Red Power leading the way, with a dash of different
makes for flavor. We do have a nice display each year of Leader and
Brockway tractors, which were made just down the road in Chagrin
Falls, Ohio, and are displayed by the Brockway family who built
them. In 1996 Keith Blaho of Pennsylvania brought over his huge Oil
Pull and rare Eagle tractor. The only word that really describes
his Oil Pull is HUGE, and with a single cylinder it sounded like a
bass drum. To round out the show, visitors can ride a Cagney steam
amusement park train, see a homemade shingle mill, tractor games,
and hit and miss engines.

We are not the biggest show in northeast Ohio, but we do have a
great time and it gets better each year. For 1997 the show will be
held July 25, 26, 27, and will be featuring International

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