Diversion With Antique Restoration

Diversions from the news of the day with antique spark plugs, a corn binder, and tractor restoration.

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by Christina Staff

Need an escape from news of the day? We have the perfect solution! In this issue of Farm Collector, we’re soaking up a couple of crazy hot summer days, marveling at a young woman who basically taught herself how to restore an antique tractor, admiring a lavish restoration of a corn binder dating to the 1890s and thinking about collecting antique spark plugs.

And why not? What good is it to slog through a hotter-than-hello day at a show if you can’t rekindle a bit of that warmth on a cold winter day? In the process of remembering, you might just summon up a memory of an unbelievable demonstration of nearly century-old equipment or a rare machine with a remarkable back story. Things happen so fast at shows, and then poof! We head home and move on to the next thing with barely a chance to reflect.

When, I ask you, was the last time you taught yourself a new skill? I’ve watched a few folks tutor themselves in various pursuits and near as I can tell, those who achieve mastery are superheroes. Young Annika Ernstrom certainly fits in that category. I think you’ll enjoy her story.

Lou Sanchez fits in the same category. Asked by a neighbor to restore an antique corn binder built before 1900, Lou had to clear his throat and allow as how he had no idea what a corn binder even was. He came up to speed in short order and the results are nothing short of miraculous.

Then there are antique spark plugs. Be careful when you read about them! One minute you’re casually interested; the next minute, you’re hooked by these elegantly designed parts of the past. Collector Rick Cicciarelli did not intend to focus on spark plugs – until he stuck his toe in the water, and then it was too late.
And then there’s the matter of a machine gun dating to the first world war. I’d have bet money such a thing would never surface in these pages but that’s why we say “never say never.” I’ll leave it to you to ferret that out: Enjoy the diversion!

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