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Finishing the Unfinished Ford 8N

I bought a new mobile home in 2008. Last fall, Dennis Allfrey (the man who owns the company that I bought it from) called me. I saw the company name on my caller ID. I couldn’t imagine why they would be calling me. Curiosity finally forced me to answer the phone. Dennis knew that I had ...


Oliver and the USSR

There are tons of interesting stories from the old days of farm equipment manufacturing. One, from the 1930s, involves the Oliver Farm Equipment Company and the Russian Communist government and is told by Elmer Baker, Jr. in his Reflections column in the Oct. 21, 1963 issue of Implement & ...


Identify this Tractor

Can anyone identify this tractor? These photos show an old tractor that I don’t know much about. The front tires, engine, muffler, intake and gas tank are not original. Steve Thoune, 2012 12th Ave., Menominee, WI 49858; phone: (906) 863-8848; Sthoune47@gmail.com Send ...


On the Road to Trouble

I enjoyed Clell G. Ballard’s article on lugged tractor wheels (Farm Collector, November 2019) and it prompted me to add this bit to the story. This is a picture of a sign in my collection that is identical to the ones posted on roads coming into our small suburban community of Mount Prospect, ...


The Homemade Wilbeck Four-Wheel Drive Tractor

I was interested in the article and photographs of a homemade four-wheel drive tractor in the February 2019 issue of Farm Collector. I am enclosing a photo of the tractor my dad and I built in 1979. It was built with McCormick-Deering W-9 axles, a 145 Versatile transmission and a 238hp Detroit ...

February 2019 Sprouts

    All ages shown were at time of submission. Farm Collector is pleased to receive Sprouts pictures from the budding artists in our readers’ families, but please be patient waiting for your artist’s work to appear as response to Sprouts ...

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