Account of Twelfth Annual Reunion Tri-State Historical Steam Engine Association, Inc.

By Staff
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Courtesy of Paul F. Crow, R.D.1, Charleroi, Pennsylvania 15022. This is the 14 HP Frick of Tracy Lewton, Hickory, Pennsylvania at the Canfield Fair in 1968.
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Courtesy of Paul B. Crow, R.D.I, Charleroi, Pennsylvania 15022. 50 Case belonging to Paul G. Crow in parade at 12th annual reunion. The lad operating is my grandson, Larry Whaley, 14 years old. Back of him is his sister. Dawn, who is very proud of him. Th
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Courtesy of Paul F. Crow, R.D.1, Charleroi, Pennsylvania 15022. The 3'' model of 65 Case, owned by Thos. Hatcher & Sons, New Concord, Ohio at 12th annual reunion at Burgettstown, Pennsylvania.

Between five and six thousand persons from the tri-state area
availed themselves of the opportunity to witness another unusual
and interesting spectacle, when they attended the last annual
reunion of Tri-State Historical Steam Ass’n. Inc. This
exhibition was held on September 20-21, 1968 at the Dean Fullerton
farm, near Burgettstown, Penna.

Never have we had assembled for the occasion, an array of
diversified machinery, to compare with what we had this year. There
was something to hold the interest of anyone who was present. A
well planned program of events, with ideal weather and grounds
conditions made this effort one of the best we have offered to the
public. At this time, plans are in progress for more of the same
thing for the coming season.

Of course, steam was predominate wherever one cared to look. To
our usual collection of traction engines, we added the Peerless of
J. H. Holmes, the Russell of H. C. Nelson, Ed. Aten’s 65 Case,
which he had just acquired, and after an absence of two years, the
110 Case was back. This accounted for the best showing of traction
engines that we have offered so far. A feature of the daily parades
was the appearance of four sizes of Case engines in order of their
respective sizes. Leading was a beautiful model of a 3′ model
of 65 by Thos. Hatcher & son, then the 50, followed by the 65
and finally the 110 by Dean Redd.

The antique gas and oil tractor division is still growing,
additions being Case, Huber, Twin City, John Deere, Frick and
Cletrac. These in addition to the usual ones we have been having
for the past several years. Several unique additions to the
stationary gas engine department were noted. These machines were
all in first class condition. Many … steam models of all sizes
made use of our popular lubricated steam table which was

Dean Redd, of Charleroi, Pa. exhibited the 110 Case, along with
the Keystone Well Driller, Size 3)4, and a newcomer, the Keystone
Model 3 Steam Skimmer Shovel. These machines were in daily
operation, being demonstrated at intervals throughout the show.
Dean also showed his Peerless Traction engine and the Shingle

Two daily parades of everything, including horses, around the
farm yard, still proves to be a highlight of the show. Daily
demonstrations of threshing-baling, sawmilling, clover hulling,
shingle making, the fan, and corn and wheat flour grinding continue
to attract and provide intense interest for the large crowds that
are present. These operations, of course, best portray the work
that steam engines were built to perform.

Nello Mungai, show manager, had the grounds in top condition,
and his well-laid plans kept the exhibition running smoothly
throughout the two days. L.H. (Dutch) Andrews handled the
announcing in a superb manner. Everyone was kept informed
concerning the activities and his descriptions of the operations
being performed added to the enjoyment of the spectators. We were
recently saddened by the sudden and untimely passing of Mr.
Andrews. He had just completed a magic show in Wayne’s burg,
Pa., when he collapsed and died of a heart attack, on November

Twenty-eight antique cars and trucks made their way around the
track on Saturday afternoon. This continues to be a popular
attraction. A newcomer to this department was the Atteberry truck,
recently restored by Mr. and Mrs. Louis McMaster. Several bus loads
of students from nearby districts brought more than a hundred
pupils for a novel means enlarging their educational opportunities.
A pony pulling contest on Friday night attracted many fans from the
surrounding area.

The Ladies Auxiliary conducted their usual bazaar, and looked
after registrations, memberships and Album subscriptions. They have
become a necessary part of our organization. Gate and parking
duties were handled by Southside Volunteer Fire Department in an
efficient manner. Fire protection was furnished by Slovan and Mt.
Pleasant Volunteer Fire Companies. The field station was again
established by the American Red Cross in their new mobile trailer,
and the William Neel Funeral Home had an ambulance at our disposal
throughout the show.

Entertainment was provided by Bill Burris and his Green Valley
Boys Band, who gave two stage shows on Saturday, and played for the
annual square dance that always brings the show to a conclusion on
Saturday night.

Officers of the association are: President, Lester Lee, Cross
Creek, Pa.; Vice President, Earl Hamilton, Lisbon, Ohio; Treasurer,
Evelyn Crow and Secretary, Paul Crow, Charleroi, Pa. Board of
Directors are: Tracy Lewton, Hickory, Pa.; Dean Redd, Charleroi,
Pa.; V. M. Paul, Hickory, Pa.; Melvin Kaste, McDonald, Pa.; Dean
Fullerton, Burgettstown, Pa.; David McDonald, Georgetown, Pa.;
Arthur Short, Clinton, Pa.; James Cotter, Aliquippa, Pa.; Glenn
Fullerton, Burgettstown, Pa.

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