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A 1'' Scale Model Advance. Rear wheels 6'' diameter; front wheels and flywheel 4'' diameter. Total length about 20''. Courtesy of Leon Lind, 910 E. Sixth Street, Moscow, Idaho 83843.
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A 1'' Scale Model Advance. Solid copper boiler operating at 75 psi. Engine is running here on compressed air. I have been three years building the model. Courtesy of Leon Lind, 910 E. Sixth Street, Moscow, Idaho 83843.

Moscow, Idaho 83843.

A one-inch scale model of the Advance traction engine, which I
have been building in spare time for some three years.

The model is ‘scratch-built,’ except for the cylinder,
governor and hand valves. The boiler was rolled and flanged from
sheet copper, and silver alloy brazed. It has a diameter of 3 1/8
inches and is 16 inches long (corresponding to the 38-inch by 16
foot dimensions of the prototype). The rear wheels are 6 inches in
diameter, and each is composed of 97 separate parts, brazed and
soldered together. The front wheels and flywheel (also built-up)
are 4 inches in diameter. The bore is 7/8-inch and the stroke

My dimensions were arrived at from information in the 1912
Advance catalog and from examining and measuring three engines that
are parts of collections in the area around Moscow. It is
scaled-down 30 HP, which I suppose will develop about three

To give credit where it is due, I should say that supplies and
fittings were obtained mostly from Cole’s Power Models,
Ventura, California, and Charles V. Arnold, Junction City,

I would also like to extend my greetings and best wishes to all
good steam men (is there any other kind?); particularly to Joe
Fahnestockas one who has also derived great benefit from the Cayce

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