Antique Acres Celebrates Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

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Twenty-fifth anniversary feature engine: Smolik Brothers' 110 Case.
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Randy Schwerin plans to exhibit this 10 HP Advance.

1515 Longfellow Waterloo, Iowa 50703

As we wind down the 80’s and press toward the 90’s, I
realize that not many things last 25 years anymore. But, we at
Antique Acres Old Time Power Show are proud to be celebrating our
Silver Anniversary this summer. I know there are many other shows
that have been around just as long or longer, but we are happy just
the same.

Our show started at the Cedar Falls site in 1964 as the dream of
many special men and women. They had an idea to have a permanent
site to demonstrate their assortment of steam engines, tractors,
and other prized antiques to the public. So the acreage on Highway
218 was purchased and, as they say, the rest is history!

The show has grown tremendously throughout the years with the
addition of a permanent sawmill, museum, modern restrooms and other
permanent structures. I often wonder what the show’s
forefathers would think if they could see what their hard work and
determination has turned into. Their hard work and foresight has
definitely made it easier for us today! We are still blessed with
some of our original members as active and vital participants in
our club.

We have many ways we are going to mark our anniversary. One is,
we decided to feature the Smolik Brothers’ 110 Case. This was
an obvious decision because this engine has been at every show
since the beginning and is the only engine with that distinction.
We will also be featuring all Case equipment and we welcome ALL
steam enthusiasts. There are plans to have even more steam engines
and tractors than ever before. Randy Schwerin has plans to bring
one or two of his engines and hopefully others will follow suit.
That should give us a pretty good exhibit. As always we will be
plowing with the Case, 40 Reeves, and other engines and horses.
There will be the other usual assortment of sawing, threshing,
tractor pulling and other exhibits that accompany any show. We will
also have live entertainment and good home cooked food

We at Antique Acres would like to issue an invitation to
everyone who has a fondness for the past, its machinery, and its
people to join us August 24, 25, 26, and 27 and help us celebrate
our special year.

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