Family and Friends: That’s What It’s All About

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Tom and Mary Jordan showing their scale Case to Oswold Olson.
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Lee Burd (holding anvil) of Canton, South Dakota entertaining the crowds at the Heatwole show.
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Gail and Mel Muhlhausen of Red Wing, MN displaying their fabulous John Deere.
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U.S.M. & w. steam locomotive made its way to the Heatwole Threshing Show.

R.R. #3, Box 184, Valley Center, Kansas 67147

August seems to come around sooner each year but that’s
okay, because it gives us a chance to return to Heatwole Threshing
Days near Hutchinson, Minnesota, to visit with family and

My parents had not been able to come to Kansas to see our
Baldwin steam locomotive, so in 1990, the locomotive went to

There was a very respectful showing of scale Case traction
engines at Heatwole again this past year: Mahlon Giffin of
Sedgwick, Kansas; Tom and Mary Jordan of Knoxville, Iowa; Melvin
and Mark Joenks of Greenville, Iowa; Dick, Lee, and Mary Burd of
Canton, South Dakota; plus Bud Flowers of Litchfield, Minnesota
were all in attendance with their beautiful models.

Tom and Mary Jordan always add extra spice to their model with
the flags always waving plus their unique attire. Thanks to the
Jordans for their extra effort.

Heatwole has a fantastic array of gas tractors. Many are from
the local area, but many come from a distance for display. Gail and
Mel Muhlhausen from Red Wing, Minnesota brought their John Deere
for all to drool over. Believe me MUCH TLC had gone into the
restoration of their tractor.

The weekend seems to be too short and we are once again headed
back to Kansas, but 1991 is on its way! See you then

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