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On Page 32 of the January-February issue, regarding the picture
of that engine – I believe it is a 20-45 Fairbanks-Morse. I
threshed on one 20 years ago. It was a one cylinder and started on
pulling back on compression and flipping point breaker. I own a one
cylinder 25 hp International which loads a lot like it. Also two
Rumely Oil-Pulls. 30-60, large wheels and 30-60 small wheels.

J. W. TUCKER, 31 – 15th St. N.W., Portage LaPrairie, Man.,

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Things get mislaid in our office but never destroyed. Here is a
nice letter from a 12 year old we received in 1958. It was where it
should have been but we did not look there. Forgive us, Tommy!

I just finished reading the May-June issue of the ALBUM from
cover to cover for about the 101st time. I was sorry to read of
Karl’s passing earlier as I felt like a close friend to

I am 12 years old and have been a subscriber to the Album for
four years and I am very much interested in engines and cars.

My uncle, Bruce McCourtney has three engines: A Case 65, a Case
50, and a Russell 16 hp which I help operate at Fairs around

TOMMY LUTZI, 1219 South Tenth Street, Lincoln, Nebraska

Dear Cousin Marsha,

Have been reading your column in the ALBUM, so I thought maybe
you’d like to hear from out-Ohio way.

I live at the Lodi Trailer Court No. 213, Lodi, Ohio, with my
Father, Mother and 15-year-old sister. I am thirteen and in the 8th

I have several hobbies, but will just mention a few. I like to
put models of anything together. Have a coin collection too – this
is interesting as well as helps me to save some of my money.
Speaking of money, I have a paper route and deliver the Akron
Beacon Journal to 38 customers, which gives me about seven dollars
a week spending money.

Last summer my Grandfather, Rev. Elmer L. Ritzman, introduced me
to my first Thresherman’s Reunion. Needless to say, I fell in
love with the steam engines and think all the men are a great bunch
of fellows. In fact, two of these men live near me.

Mr. Clyde Whitmore, R. D. 1, Lodi, Ohio, has a Baker special
heavy-duty uni flow engine No. 17557 which was built in 1925, hp is
21-75. The boiler is in excellent condition and Mr. Whitmore
himself put a large whistle on it from a passenger engine in
Pennsylvania. Mr. Whitmore bought the engine in Sept. 1960 from a
man in Pennsylvania. He has the engine torn apart right now and is
making some new parts for it which he does himself in an excellent
workshop he has. He just finished making some piston valves and
bearings for this engine. He said it took about a day to make the
pistons. Mr. Whitmore will show his engine at Mansfield, Ohio;
Mechanicsburg, Ohio, and at Lodi’s Sesquicentennial this

Another steam engine fan is Mr. Roy Conn of R. D., Wooster,
Ohio. Sorry to report this interesting man wasn’t home when I
called there, but his engines were there. He has a Russell engine
and a 10 hp Huber built in 1906. Both are in excellent

If any of you get out Lodi way look us all up and, in the
meantime, I’ll look you up at the Reunions.

Keep steaming

DAVID L. GILSON, Lodi Trailer Court, Lodi, Ohio


Regarding the picture of the young lassie in the wheel of the
tractor I presume she revolves with the wheel, sort of a stunt.
(Jan-Feb. Issue P 17).

I have colored slides and movies of ‘yours truly’ doing
such a stunt on a front wheel during the opening of Michigans
‘Big Mac’ bridge. A two-day ‘Agrama’ was sponsored
in Cheboygan by Michigan State College and I was requested to
operate one of three steam tractors Clifford Watrous had on the

It was while in front of the grandstands I stopped and
hitch-hiked a ride with the following tractor. When he stopped I
‘got set’ on the front wheel and ready. I shall never
forget the silence on the grandstand and the thought came to mind
when I saw the blue sky passing by my feet, ‘will this be a
flop like some sermons?’ However, on the second revolution
cheers broke loose and the crowd rose on their feet. My bow of
thanks was so complete I just stood on my head for them.

Later an AP man inquired for the old gray-haired man who rode in
the wheel. I resolved to act my age hereafter. No use, I can’t.
I may locate a black and white snap of this later.

CHARLIE L. PEAREE, 316 Carrie Street, Sault St. Marie,

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