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Here is a picture of a 15 Port Huron Engine, No. 6810, which I bought a number of years ago for junk.

Looking through the March-April, 1961 edition of the Iron Men
Album I came across a picture of a Thermoil Gas Engine (page 32).
Under the picture it stated that the engine had no spark plug. I
have a gas engine ‘The Chore Boy’ made by the Associated
Manufacturers Co., Waterloo, Iowa. It is a 1- HP motor about 45 or
50 years old. It has no spark plug but instead a battery type
magnito. It is not a real magnito because it has no magnets but it
has places to hook battery wires.

I thought that this engine may have the same type spark producer
as the one pictured. I have written the manufacturer and all
records on this engine have been destroyed. I would appreciate it
if you could send any information (a working diagram, if possible)
on this magnito or the motor itself.

Jim Bech, R. R. 2, Belle Center, Ohio

Fred Steck writes……

Here is a picture of my 15 Port Huron Engine, No. 6810, which I
rebuilt. I took the compound cylinder off and put a simple piston
valve engine on it which had come off another engine. It took parts
from three different engines to save her. She’s got a new smoke
box, stainless steel piston rod and valve stem, re-babbit job, new
flues, grates and tanks. I worked on her three winters in my shop
and she sure is a dandy running baby now.

Fred Steck, Rt. 1, Reese, Mich.

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