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Courtesy of Mr. Thos. W. Lobb, Helston, Manitoba, Canada A team of Charolais (Hereford cross) oxen, thirteen months old, drawing a covered wagon. It is owned, trained and driven by Chas. Hamilton of Ochre River, Manitoba. He drove it in the parade ea
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A couple of gas tractors of ancient vintage - a Heider and a Twin City in parade.
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Courtesy of Mrs. Thos. W. Lobb, Helston, Manitoba, Canada The tail end of the parade with five steamers disappearing in the distance at Threshermen's Reunion.
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Courtesy of Mr. Thos. W. Lobb, Helston, Manitoba, Canada An Old's of ancient vintage in parade at Threshermen's Reunion at Austin with stick for steering, gas light and rubber horn at side. It was built and driven by the Krushels of Morden, Manitoba. A
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Courtesy of Mrs. Thos. W. Lobb, Helston, Manitoba, Canada A simple twin cylinder Rumely steam engine, 25-75 owned by Museum in parade every day at Threshermen's Reunion at Manitoba Agricultural Museum at Austin.
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Courtesy of Mrs. Thos. W. Lobb, Helston, Manitoba, Canada Our Auxiliary Float in the parade each day at Threshermen's Reunion.

Manitoba, Canada

The 14th Annual Threshermen’s Reunion was held July 31,
August 1, 2 and 3rd at the Museum Grounds at Austin, Manitoba,
Canada, which included the 7th Annual Central Manitoba Stampede on
the first two days of the Reunion.

This Reunion was marked by several ‘Mores’ – more steam
engines, more farm machinery, more gas engines, more units in the
Monster Parade and many more people from Manitoba, Ontario, Western
Provinces and U.S.A. which broke all previous attendance records. A
conservative estimate of 40,000 men, women and children flocked
into the grounds during the four days to view the many and varied

The Threshermen’s Reunion was officially opened on Friday,
August 2nd by Hon. Harry Enns, Minister of Agriculture for
Manitoba, followed immediately by the daily event of a Monster
Parade of 75 units which featured 8 riders on spirited horses,
carrying flags (Canadian, Manitoba, U.S.A., Union Jack and Red
Ensign). Then came the older cars, a Saxon, a Pontiac, a 1902 Olds
and a 1904 Cadillac. A float by the Museum Ladies Auxiliary
followed and then a team of year-old Charolais oxen, hitched to a
covered wagon, trained and driven by C. Hamilton of Ochre River,
Manitoba. A single horse hitched to a buggy was followed by the
largest selection of antique farm machinery east of Saskatoon,
Saskatchewan, Canada;

The oldest gas tractor in the parade was a 1897 Sawyer Massey
and other relics of the past included a 1910 Hart Parr, a 1904 Case
and a 1913 Pioneer. And in the steam section was a 1905 Case, a
1906 Rumely Steamer and many more. Other old time novel machinery
was a ‘bull-moose’stook loader, a Sunshine combine
manufactured in Australia and sold in Portage, Manitoba in the
early 20’s; a small 4-wheel drive tractor built by a local
Portage boy, from 12 parts of cars and capable of pulling 5 plows
and had a speed of 40 miles per hour.

Using steam power, threshing was done and also plowing (pulling
12 bottoms), sawing lumber, shingle mill and baker fan were all
operated at different times daily. Four horses on a two furrow gang
plow did plowing each day. There were threshing contests between
gas and steam engines using horses and racks to bring in the

Setting up contests were held for steam engines and separator
with a trophy awarded to the one setting up in the shortest time.
Jack Beamish of Hamiota, Manitoba won this trophy. Ramp climbing
was an exhibition of skill with a steam engine handled by D. Milne
of Makinak, Manitoba and D. Mundle of Bertie, Manitoba.

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