By W. M. Jones and Jr.
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Here is a Model built by someone. The builders name was not on the picture and it got separated from the letter or other identification. It is surely an interesting picture of a well done job. Maybe the builder will write us and give some specifications.
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A 3 inch scale Case 65 engine on the test stand. Built by C. E. Kauer, 2511 N. Waco, Wichita 4, Kansas.

Wayside Farm, Route 4, Winchester, Kentucky


Here is Marcus Leonard of Salina, Kansas, wanting an
explanation-page 13, March-April 1956 issue in the second column.
Here, in part is Mr. Leonard’s letter:

In my description of Jacob Herl’s engine in my recent
correction, did I, in the original manuscript, describe his engine
as a 21 horse? If I did, I think it is time for me to write nothing

Jacob Herl’s engine was an Advance Compound 26 and bought in
1907. The first Advance Compound 21, No. 10991, was built in 1908
and I sold it to Glick & Best. The Chattel Mortgage was
recorded in Lincoln County, Kansas, June 29, 1908. That was the
only Advance I ever saw, plugged for an indicator.’

(s) Marcus Leonard

We regret the typographical errors Mr. Leonard, that creep into
any and all material published. We make every effort to catch them
but still they get through. Please accept our apologies. The

There were two errors in the figures in Mr. Leonard’s
article, both typographical errors. Page 13, column 2, last line,
should have read, ‘cob Herl bought an Advance 26 hp.’ and
line 10, column 3, same page ’15 hp. Case engine. You know


Enclosed find check in the amount of 5.00 for renewal for 1956
IRON-MEN ALBUM key 4R1-2. The $3.00 additional you can use any way
you see fit to further the cause of your wonderful magazine. Also,
mention to the secretary, Mr. Kepner, that I received my
January-February ’56 edition and that I have not moved. They
changed my address and put on a new carrier. In my 54 years on this
blessed earth I have never moved residence and I am now sleeping in
the same bed, in the same room, and in the same location in which I
was born 54 years ago, built by my father in 1888. He, too, was a
lover and admirer of steam threshing. He operated 31 consecutive
years with Geiser engines and separators-so, you can easily see the
bee bit me early. My father lived a full and happy life of 83

This morning my son, W. M. Jones, III, is steaming tobacco in
case for bulking. He is preparing it for market. We are also
rebuilding a 21-75 hp. uniflow valve Baker engine to add to the
collection of two 65 hp. Cases, one Advance Rumley, and an Advance
Rumley portable boiler with highway tractor under it.

This I know is enough for the present, so with lowering steam
pressure, I will close. Hope you and yours have the merriest
Christmas ever and a New Year filled with prosperity and happiness.
Looking forward to seeing all of you at Montpelier in June. An
ardent Admirer and Reader of Your Magazine-

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