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A two-cylinder job built by Geo. D. Winter, R. D. 1, Box 126, Pipestone, Minn. One inch bore and one inch stroke. Flywheel 2 inches in diameter. Height to top of cylinder, 7 inches. This was built from a set of rough castings.
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A reproduction of an old Rumely engine made by John E. Peters, Box 51, jnman, Kansas. He did not have a catalog of the engine so he built it from memory. The boiler is 52 long, 13 diameter, has thirteen 1x31 flues. The cylinder is 3'' bore and 4 stroke. T
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An engine built by Geo. I. Winter, R. D. 1, Box 126, Pipestone, Minn. 1 stroke by 1 inch bore. Flywheel 1 inch in diameter. Length of engine, 9 inches. It was made from rough castings.
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Rumely engine thresher built by JohnE.Peters, Box 51,Inman,Kansas. It runs with an electric motor. Will run forward or backward. It is 24 inches long, and 14 inches high. The Thresher is 36 inches long and 15 inches high. It has all the moving parts same

Cochranville, Pennsylvania


Please find renewal check for the IRON-MEN ALBUM. It is very
interesting to me as a thresher (steam engine). I always notice
what is being said about the Nichols & Shepard and the Gaar
Scott engines as those were the ones I fell in love with in my
threshing experiences in North Dakota. I especially noticed in the
last issue shocks of grain in the background of a threshing scene
in North Dakota. Those miles of shocks will be hard to erase from
my mind-those large threshing outfits, the crew with the dining
car, the straw stack, or shed loft for a bed; the hoboes and all
else that made up the unit. I must include the straw burner engines
that were mine as an engineer to keep in running shape and have
’em going by sun up, to sun down. That was 50 years ago but it
is still clear and fresh and hard to shake off.

I want to thank you for printing my experiences in the
Sept.-Oct., issue. Much more I could have said.

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