More Vintage Steam Engine Photos

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This 25 HP Reeves cross compound Canadian special is an earlier type with a Broderick Brothers boiler and is shown pulling a combined harvester in the Judith Basin.
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This 30 HP under mounted Avery is freighting in Montana. The location is not known to me. It has quite a load and sports extension rims.
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This is the picture of Frank Strouf (left) standing by the 35 foot header of his combined harvester. It is being pulled by Strouf's 40_140 Canadian Special Reeves and the engineer is Frank Graves. This picture was on a front cover of the Country Gentleman Magazine around 1912 and has been in numerous publications since. That appears to be quite an unusual spark arrestor.
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Dan Roen says he grew up around Buffalo-Pitts engines. His father had an 18 HP center crank engine in 1895. His uncle had a 30 HP that he spent time with when he was 'a little shaver.' This Buffalo-Pitts is hauling silver ore to the railhead at Armstead, Montana. I think this late model double cylinder is a 30 HP.
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An earlier type of 30 HP under mounted Avery with a contractor's bunker is shown freighting a heating boiler down the muddy main street of Lewistown, montana. It is at Third Avenue in front of the power mercantile building.

Last month we featured three pages of pictures from Gary Yeager’s collection of photographs, and now we are printing three more. Gary spent Super Bowl Sunday assembling the photos on a disk for our use, and we are happy to be able to share them with our readers.

“I found a nice double cylinder Buffalo Pitts for Dan Roen. I owe so many steam men letters. Dan is one of them, as is Don Bradley. I included some Avery material for Don Bradley. I included some Case things for Don, Russ Gelder, Tommy Lee and Chady Atteberry. Russ Gelder had put the over abundance of polka-dot caps in his Jan.-Feb. 2000 article. (Was that to let his former Michigan neighbors know he is with good company in Montana?)”

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