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Beckmann, Limited, designers and builders of fine custom
tugboats and launches, has recently introduced a new model of its
very popular Steam Launch Twenty Two. This steam-powered antique
replica is driven by a 10 HP compound steam engine and oil-fired
steam boiler.

In its continuing effort to popularize steam boating and
increase its appeal to family participation, the addition of a
fully-equipped head complete with water closet and holding tank,
and a vanity with sink to the already popular steamboats broadens
its appeal to the entire family.

‘Too long has the steam boating fraternity been restricted
to a group of dedicated old men,’ stated Walter Beckmann,
President of Beckmann, Limited, ‘now we expect to be able to
open this very fascinating hobby to the entire family. The
enjoyment of steam boating with its hands-on operation of
mechanical devices is a great educational experience, and one
learns while enjoying the peaceful serenity of steam

The first of this new model has been delivered to Captain David
Cooper of Nyack, New York. The steam launch Tapiola will be berthed
on the Hudson River in the beautiful Tappan Zee area.

Further information may be obtained from Walter Beckmann at
(401) 783-1859, or P. O. Box 97, Wakefield, Rhode Island

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