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Daniel Barth. Dan was born on May 14, 1892 and died on July 10,
1961. Dan was one of the founders of the Richland County Steam

His death was just four weeks before the 7th Annual Richland
County Steam Threshers Show and was a shock to those who worked
with him and played with him in his hobby of Steam. He purchased an
engine in 1953 and through lots of work and cost had an engine at
his death that was a credit to any place that it was shown. His
passing left a gap in our club that will never be replaced.

General John A. Logan. General Logan was born March 5, 1896 and
died on August 30, 1961. ‘Gen’ as he was known to nearly
all of those who knew and worked with him, started in the threshing
and saw milling business when he was 15 years old, and was active
in this work with his brother Earl until his death. ‘Gen’
was a prominent figure at all of the Richland County Steam Shows
and was always willing to lend help as well as advice on matters
pertaining to the steam workings. The Gaar Scott engines and
Aultman Taylor threshers were his standby’s. His passing leaves
a gap in the ranks of the old timers which will never be

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