Ohio Baler Miniature

By Staff
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Miniature Ohio Baler built in 1910 for Salesman-Demonstrator. 26 inches long and 10 inches high. Owned by E. L. Ritzman, Enola, Pa.
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Mr. Carl Sherick of 309E. Main St., Bellevue, Ohio, builder of the miniature Ohio Baler

Mr Carl Sherick of 309 E. Main Street, Bellevue, Ohio, built
this miniature Ohio Baler of 1910. He was a machinist for the
Company and they were built for the dealers to demonstrate to the
customer. There were eight of them built and one of them was sent
to Harrisburg, Pa., and evidently that is the one the Editor of the
ALBUM now owns.

Mr. Gilbert Enders of R. D. 3, Bellevue, Ohio, made us
acquainted with Mr. Sherick. We took the miniature to him and he
gave us the facts about its existence.

In taking a picture of the Miniature we did what we advise all
photographers of miniatures not to do. There is nothing in the
picture to indicate the size of the Baler. It is 26 inches long and
with the feeder head in the up position it is 10 inches high.
Little Elmer is quite proud that he has the Baler and knows the man
who made it. It is complete in every detail.

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