One Hundred Years Of The Tractor Celebrated In New Zealand

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1906 Clayton & Shuttleworth 8 HP road loco, serial #36810, powering a New Zealand-built Booth McDonald hay baler.
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1910 Marshall roller #655620.

Waithohi Road, R.D. 6 Palmerston North New Zealand

Here are some photos of the 100th year of the tractor rally put
on by the Manawata Vintage Machinery Club, held at Glen Oroua in
the Manawata (near Palmerston North), New Zealand, April 15 and 15,

The first day was fine except for a cool breeze. Ploughing was
done on both days. A portable sawmill was operating more or less
continuously through both days, driven by a portable steam engine
and a traction engine coupled together. Threshing took place at 3
o’clock on Saturday and on Sunday it was held a little later
because of some rain. Sunday started out with a light rain which
cleared at lunchtime but started again about halfway through the
parade. About an hour later it started to clear, so we hurried the
rest of the wheat through the Case tin mill. At the bottom of the
stack there were quite a few fat rats and mice which scampered away
through the crowd, which did not seem to notice them. It was quite
a good display for the public and exhibitors alike, despite the

As a matter of interest, the Emerson Brantingham was the oldest
tractor there, and is in original condition, owned by the family.
Seems it survived well because it was not very good at ploughing,
etc., and was used only for stationary work such as cuff cutters,
sawmill, and so on.

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