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Mr. H. Peter Johnson, Dows, Iowa, sends us this report and pictures of a Show they had last August. He has gotten permission from Mr. Glenn Hayes, Editor of the Wright County Reporter, Dows, Iowa, for us to copy the article. Unfortunately Pete cut off the
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Two Wood Bros. threshers and an 18 hp. Aultman and Taylor and 25 hp. Case furnishing the power at the Pete Johnson Farm, Dows, Iowa, last August.

About 400 steam engine enthusiasts and curious people gathered
at the Pete Johnson farm Sunday to watch a threshing demonstration
using Pete’s old steam traction engines for power.

Pictured is Pete’s 1918 Aultman and Taylor 18 hp. coal fired
steam engine with its engineer and keeper, Marv Yocum, at the
throttle. This is one of two steamers that were used to power the
two 1930 Wood Bros. threshing machines. One of the threshers is
Pete’s and the other belongs to Andy Neilson. Nine loads of
bundles were threshed, giving two loads of oats. The Aultman and
Taylor was also used to grind oats.

In addition to the Aultman and Taylor steamer was a Case 1912 25
hp. steamer run by John Hoffman.

An old Kerosene burning Oil Pull (about 1918 vintage) 12-25
helped pull the wagons.

Also running was a 1919 Avery 12-25, 1924 Hart Parr 12-24, a
1924 Huber 20-35, and a 1928 Wallace 12-25.

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