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Courtesy of G. M. Gromer, 1566 So. Sherman St., Denver 10, Colorado. Taken at Bird City, Kansas-Model of Advance-Rumely by owner E. H. Jacobs, Smith Center, Kansas. This is a fine running engine.
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Here is a picture of an 1893, 15 HP, Frick (Eclipse) Engine. Notice the round spokes in the drive wheels. Also shown is a 36' Prairie Queen Separator that was built by Oliver McIntire at Mt. Hope, Kansas. The outfit is owned by Mr. McIntire, the big
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Here is a picture of a C. Atman Co. 14 HP Star Engine, No. 5694. I couldn't find any number on this engine and I do not know the age but it looks like it should be about 1905.
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Here is a picture of a 1904, 16 HP, Gear Scott, No. 11898, shredding corn fodder near Putnam, Kansas in March 1910. I am sitting on my engine.
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This picture was taken on my farm west of Pelican Rapids, Minnesota in August, 19 52. This machine is used every year for threshing and is in A-1 condition. It is a Case Engine, 15 HP.
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Here is a picture of my 24 HP Minneapolis Engine. It has new flues, engine gears and wheels like new.
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In this picture I am standing beside my wonderful Port Huron 19, the last one shipped to Iowa. The engine is No. 8510 and this engine is in excellent shape and runs like a new one. This picture was taken at Cedar Rapids, Iowa Fair in 1958.
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Here is a picture of 1' scale Traction Engine that I built. It was copied from Advance prototype. Built almost entirely from memory.
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