3520 W. 12th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana

Roy Jones, R. D. 2, Sunman, Ind., led the parade with his 12 hp.
Russell at the Farmer’s Fair, Ausora, Ind., Oct. 4 and 5, 1957.
Roy is President of the Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana.

Mr. Nelson Howard has returned home from the New Castle,
Indiana, Hospital, where he underwent surgery a few weeks ago.

The Club held their business meeting Oct. 6, 1957 at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Howard, New Castle R. D. 3, Indiana. Quite a
few of the members attended the meeting. All came with well filled
baskets to enjoy a pitch-in dinner, which was served by the ladies.
All present had an enjoyable day.

Mr. Howard had steam up on his 50 Case. Mr. J. D. Pence, Delphi,
Indiana, had his Model Reeves on the ground. So with the business
the members also had the smell of smoke and steam.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Howard for your hospitality. Well

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