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Pictured is an 80 HP Case engine before and after restoration. It is a 1912 model and was purchased by O.B. Howard of Hennesseey, Oklahoma and later sold to John Felder, also of Hennessey. In June 1921, my Uncle Victor J. Fiegel bought it and threshed wit
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This old sawmill picture was found in my Father's collection. Courtesy of Louis Forrest, R.R. 1, Staples, Ontario, Canada NOP 2J0.
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Plowing with my Case 50 at Northern. Courtesy of George W. Hedtke, Box 26, Davis Junction, Illinois 61020.
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I found this 25 side mount George White in 1968 being used in a peppermint still, as is. The former owner grew and distilled peppermint. I sold this to a R Mr. Ralph Henderson of Ridgetown, Ontario who has spent two years hunting parts to restore it. He h
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Picture is the engine at the Waukomis Threshing Bee in 1971. Courtesy of Kenneth Fiegel, Loyal, Oklahoma 73756.
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Picture shows the rusty condition of the Case steam engine coal bunker and water tender.
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Picture was taken in 1919 at Berry, Kentucky of a 16 HP Huber steam engine owned by A.T. Courtney. Leaning on coal box is Aaron Miller and standing next to him is A.T. Courtney. Courtesy of Stanley Courtney, 107 Vine Street, Cynthiana, Kentucky 41031.
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Minneapolis 30 HP double cylinder steam engine, Serial No. 67070.
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Aultman Taylor steam engine, 20-60- HP. These were taken at the Makoti, North Dakota Show in 1972. Courtesy of Jim Mikkelson, Box 35, Watford City, North Dakota 58854.
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Ben Markley's 10 or 12 Hp. Heilman. Courtesv of Charlie R.D. 1, Butler. Ohio 44822.
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Ben Markley's 20 Hp. M. Rumely double simple center crank side crank. Courtesy of Charlie Harrison, R.D. 1, Butler, Ohio 44822
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Ben Markley's 6 Hp. Russell. Courtesy of Charlie Harrison, R.D. 1, Butler, Ohio 44822.

Above is the engine before restoring.

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