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We have two interesting cover photos for this issue. The top of the cover page shows 'Dike' Baldwin, Birmingham Michigan, in his threshing days with his complete Port Huron outfit. 'Dike' is the young man standing prominently to the r
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Crowd at Western Washington Threshing Bee, 1961. An account of this meet was carried in our March-April issue.
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Way, Way back in 1877, this steam locomotive was the queen of the plains and mountains in Western Canada. Now sidetracked as a relic at the Winnipeg train depot, it is being looked over by four members of the KNUJ-Journal Rocky Mt. Tour group: from left,
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Mr. Haupmeyer's Aultman- Taylor, taken at Pontiac, Ill., 1960 by V. D. Adam, Kankakee, Ill. The operator is Mr. Cecil Ellis.
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This picture was taken October 1948 at Benson, Minn. It is a 35 H.P. Advance Engine that has perhaps done more work than most engines ever did in that class. It was used on a 44-72 Avery thresher, plowed thousands of acres, graded many miles of road and h
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International Auto Buggy I converted and drove in 1920. Unfortunately was scrapped in 1925, but I still have the engine converted to a twin air compressor, but could be restored. Used to overheat badly on heavy pulls until I added a water feed. Then would
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J. Bullock of Flint, Michigan, and his 1' scale American Locomotive
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Wallis & Harrison Murphy of Millington, Michigan and their 20 HP Baker steam tractor. These brothers bought this outfit new and used it on their farm. It has a steam condenser and a coal stoker.
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Otto Frey driving his 1901 Oldsmobile. With him is Carl Johnson, the president of the Club.
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Picture of F. J. Bushman sitting on a steam engine built by Ed Kautzer of New Holstein, Wisconsin.
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The Hoffer's Tweetsie at Blowing Park, North Carolina
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Picture taken at our Threshing Bee in North Dakota, of our 25hp. Huber engine and our 1918 Wood Frame Separator, 22 x 40, also a Huber. Taken October 4, 1959, threshing oats.
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Here is a beautiful picture. There are two outstanding features - first, the background. With all those hills, I would say it is southeastern Ohio or Pennsylvania. Second is the complete Russell outfit. Hand feed and drag stacker. We've no idea where
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The threshing demonstration at the Saskatoon show depicts all
the stages of threshing. Here is the little machine that freed
mankind from the thousands of years of drudgery by threshing by the
flail. The date of the appearance of the spiked cylinder can be put
at approximately 1825. Around 1837 Pitts and others added a straw
shaker rack and a fan and the modern grain separator, if it can be
called modern any longer, was born. This is the only one of many
old time demonstrations to be seen at the Saskatoon show the first
week in July 1962.


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