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Here is a picture of me and my little steam engine. I would enjoy seeing it appear in your magazine. His a scale model Case with cylinder bore 3-7/8', piston stroke-5', height-58', extreme widtti-47', length-9'. I have been working on
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36-120 Rumely plain Engine. Left side.
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Mount Pleasant 1960. Stan Mathew, Engineer.
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Here is a picture of a partially restored up and down sash mill which was built around this old crank casting. It was uncovered from where it was abandoned a few years after installation in 1865. At the left hangs a whip saw, the first means of making boa
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This picture sent in by Ed and he says he knows nothing about it.
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Case 65,No. 3361. It is in fine shape.
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Here is a picture of what I think is the largest engine in Wisconsin. The boiler is 39 inch dia.- inch shell, butt strap, working pressure 175 lbs. 782 inch flues. It is a double Rumely 7x12. I got this engine east of Birchwood, Wisconsin from Jim Martin
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Here is a picture of a Westinghouse Traction Engine of 1890 vintage. This rig was owned by Ed Swint, whom my father worked for when a young man. This separator was a hand feed but one of the first in the district to have a blower on.

My father, Theodore Comical, is the man with the big hat
standing at the right of the separator. 

I spent 6 years with a threshing rig and as a boy used to run
the big ‘greyhound’ steamers that came to our place to
thresh. lam very interested in steam traction engines.

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