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Taken August 2, 1959 at Michigan Steam Engine and Threshers Club, Carlton Park, Hastings, Michigan. The crowd is moving up to the next event the steam traction engine race which will take place at the foot of the hill ahead of the crowd. Tractors at left
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Just a note from the Paulson-Fisher Steam Engines at Pendleton, Oregon. We both take the ALBUM and like it very much. It was interesting to see on page seven of the last ALBUM a Farquhar Portable just like mine, see above picture. We have 13 steam engines
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A shock loader demonstrated at the Pion-Era, Saskatoon, Sask., Can.
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A genuine 'Concord Coach' built in Massachusetts, now rebuilt in Wyoming. It was found at the bottom of a cliff after being robbed on a run from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Salt Lake City, Utah. A date of July 23rd, 1840 was found on the Coach. A rough
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Our first auto, 1906 Oldsmobile, $925.
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We here present Frank Vanaltvorst, 4412 7th Avenue, Rock Island, Illinois, and our recently acquired Thermoil engine, which is said to have been made by The Bettendorf Plant, Bettendorf, Iowa, under patents from 1907 to 1915. The fuel injector was made by

It is 6hp and has no spark plug. There is a compression relief
lever to facilitate hand cranking. They, Otto Hintz and his son
Otto, Jr., used this engine for a long time but someone used
calcium chloride for anti-freeze and left the stuff in the cooling
system so that a number of holes have been eaten through the cast
iron. I believe by some careful welding, reboring and a new piston,
etc., it can be restored. Cylinder head and cylinder valves seem to
be restorable.


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