The proposal that a steam traction engine stamp be issued by the
U. S. Postal Service, voiced in this magazine recently, has drawn
interest from readers who say it’s a good idea.

If you would like to see the Postal Service issue a traction
engine stamp, write to IMA and express yourself. All sorts of other
engines and vehicles have been shown on stamps. Ours would be very

There are hundreds of collectors in the U.S. More than 500
organizations conduct shows at which restored steam traction
engines are shown and admired by thousands of people. The engines
are historic, for they enabled farmers to make a vast increase in
the amount of energy that could be applied to harvesting and other
agricultural activities, building our nation’s economy.

Jack Norbeck, president of Norbeck Research and author of the
Encyclopedia of American Steam Traction Engines, was the first to
send in a letter of encouragement. Jack has been trying to get a
stamp of this kind accepted since 1986. He enclosed a copy of a
letter from a Postal Service representative in 1986, saying the
stamp would be put up for consideration. So far, no luck.

‘We need more people to help’, says Jack. ‘Keep up
the good work and good luck!’

Dennis and David Hubbard of Norwalk, Wisconsin, have written us
to back the proposal. They list manufacturers whose engines could
be considered.

They say they think ‘agriculture would not be as far as it
is today’ without the important role played by steam. They cite
its function in the building of our wonderful country’. They
urge the issuance of a stamp.

To add your voice, write us a letter care of Engine Stamp, IMA,
Box 328, Lancaster, PA., 17603.

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