On With the Show!

Rocked by the Covid-19 virus, the 2020 show season is down but definitely not out, as proven by Farm Collector readers’ favorite photos.

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by Leigh Morris, La Porte, Ind.
“In the spring of 1949, Bob Whittinger, a farmer near Akron, Ind., had an appendectomy just at the time he needed to do his spring work. Neighbors and friends from miles around came together to get the preparations done, so Bob and his family could still have a successful year. My wife’s grandfather, Elmer Earl Meredith, is among those pictured with their tractors. Her family lived about a mile from the Whittinger farm.”

In a year like no other, antique tractor and engine shows tumbled like dominoes as the agonizing decision was made to cancel one after another after another. And yet, there were outliers: Some clubs found a way to forge ahead.

In the following pages, you can travel to shows across the country from the comfort of your easy chair, thanks to photos shared by Farm Collector readers. But you’ll find more than just show photos. With fewer shows taking place, we encouraged readers to share any photo celebrating the old iron hobby.

The photos came rolling in: tractor drives, kids working on dad’s tractor, family events and even a wedding set in front of an antique steam engine. It was immediately clear that this hobby is going strong, even in an era of social distancing.

As you take in this rich array of images, pay particular attention to the black-and-white photos. Decades-old pictures speak in a profoundly deep way. You’ll hear echoes of enduring values: taking care of each other, toil, achievement, sacrifice, family, taking pride in one’s work.

These photos are like a phone call from a dear friend. In a year when nothing was the same, these photos transport us. Here’s hoping they remind you of what once was, and what will be again. And now, on with the show! FC

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