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Ever Seen a Tractor Like This One?

Is there an official name for this tractor? I was told when I bought it that two brothers, possibly from Indiana, went broke farming and then decided to build tractors. Supposedly they made 11 of these, using all Ford Model T parts. They retrofitted the front axle and the foot pedals were ...


Who were Massey and Harris?

More than 200 years ago, a quiet revolution started to unfold. It began with the reaper replacing the man swinging a cradle scythe. Obed Hussey obtained the first patent for a reaping machine. Inventor Cyrus McCormick, who had not bothered with a patent up until that time, quickly filed his ...


Quirky tractors and larger-than-life characters

People often ask me how I ended up writing about old tractors. Like most things in life, it came about largely by accident. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I didn’t receive payment for any of my scribblings until I bought my first tractor in about 1997. During a search for an old ...

1960 Massey Ferguson 85

Big Fergie

The author’s 1960 Massey Ferguson 85 in front of the Smith Rapids covered bridge in northern Wisconsin’s Price County. Photo by Robert Pripps By 1950, the bloom of the post-war tractor boom was fading. With the Korean conflict came material restrictions that favored the larger ...

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