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Putting up Hay the Old-Fashioned Way

I grew up on a small dairy farm here in northern Wisconsin. We called it a “60 50” farm because although we did have some modern things, we still did some things the old way, and hay was one of them. We put up our hay loose. For years, we used a horse mower pulled behind the tractor to ...

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Anyone Know the Manufacturer of this Alfalfa Cutter?

I have a cone-shaped alfalfa cutter supposedly manufactured in Texas in the early 1950s. I’d like to identify the manufacturer. The cone-shaped part of the tree is the cutter. Thanks for any information. Christine Akey, Burleson, Texas; phone, (816) 920-1288; email: akeychris@yahoo.com.


Harvesting Wild Hay

Located at the southwestern corner of Montana, Beaverhead County snuggles into the curve made by the Continental Divide as it forms the boundary between the eastern panhandle of Idaho and Big Sky Country. A maze of mountains and river valleys, the Beaverhead area was the land of the Shoshone ...


On With the Show!

In a year like no other, antique tractor and engine shows tumbled like dominoes as the agonizing decision was made to cancel one after another after another. And yet, there were outliers: Some clubs found a way to forge ahead. In the following pages, you can travel to shows across the ...


Anything to Avoid the Pitchfork

I was just explaining to a visitor how we used the cable system of hayforks and a sling to put up loose hay in our barn. I concur with Curt Strum (Farm Collector, Letters to the Editor, December 2020) about placing the dropped load to lessen pitchfork work. I was too young to do the mow work, ...


Old-fashioned know-how and experience got the job done

Ken Bolton in the July 2020 issue of Farm Collector questioned how the outside-the-barn operator could effectively trip a load of hay. My father and I put up loose hay well into the 1960s. He maintained that cows preferred the loose hay. I never surveyed the cows about that. We used slings ...

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