Anything to Avoid the Pitchfork

Check out one reader’s cable system of hayforks and a sling for loose hay in his barn.

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by Bill Hermann

I was just explaining to a visitor how we used the cable system of hayforks and a sling to put up loose hay in our barn. I concur with Curt Strum (Farm Collector, Letters to the Editor, December 2020) about placing the dropped load to lessen pitchfork work. I was too young to do the mow work, but I drove the tractor for a few years.

As you can see in one of these pictures, the cable is still wound up on a post in the barn alley … just in case we need to use it again. Still have the sling in great condition and the hay wagon too.

I do not like high places, so Dad always went up to move the rigging from mow to mow. This barn was built in 1927 by my grandfather (who started this farm in 1902) and it is as it was built, and is still used today (round bales and some squares for bale configuration).

Love the magazine and look forward to the mail each month.

We are Allis-Chalmers folks with some newer John Deere pieces. We have enough working ACs that we don’t have to unhook anything. Currently have (all in painted and fair- to good-working order D14, D15, D17, D19, D21, 170, 180, 185, three 200s, 220 (4×4), 8070 (4×4), H3, HD6, HD9, HD16 and HD41.

Dad passed away a couple months ago at 99. He still baled hay with his favorite D15 at 99 years old.

Bill Hermann, Port Angeles, Washington 

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